Charcoal Wagon

Charcoal Wagon

New for 2020, the Wagon brings the versality and features of gas barbecues to charcoal grilling, such as adjustable heat levels, a hinged hood, warming rack and storage shelves.

Its front-right handle raises or lowers the charcoal height, giving direct control over the heat like the control knob of a gas barbecue.  Both the hood and body have two vents, providing additional control over the cooking temperature on each side.

The front door provides direct access to the charcoal for easy topping up or stoking. No need to move food or remove the cooking grills. 

Both cooking grills are porcelain enamelled for non-stick cooking and easier clean-up.  A chrome swing-away warming rack provides additional cooking space. 

Its double layer hood retains the heat, extending the charcoal burn time.  It includes a centre mounted heat indicator to keep an eye on the cooking temperature. 

Its side shelf has 4 tool hooks for cleaning holding utensils during use.  This shelf can fold after use for compact storage.  The left side handle provides manoeuvrability. 

Product Features

Wagon Ventilation

Air vents on each side of hood & body

Wagon Shelf

Folding side shelf with tool hooks

Wagon Hood

Swing away warming rack.

Charcoal Access Door

Door to top up or reposition charcoal.

Specifications Charcoal Wagon
Cooking area 560 x 416mm
High temperature powder coated hood
Adjustable air vents on hood and body
Stainless steel handles 3
Heat indicator
Porcelain enamelled cooking grill 275 x 416mm x2
Chrome warming rack
Height adjustable charcoal grid
Charcoal access door
Wire base rack
Easy clean ash tray
Folding side shelf with 4 tool hooks
Bottle opener
Wheels with covers 2
Approx. assembled dimensions (LxWxH) 118 x 56 x 110 cm