About Outback®

It’s simply a matter of taste!

The Outback® name stands for quality, innovation and total commitment to our partners, stockists and end users alike. Our Company is focused on providing our loyal partners and discerning barbecue customers everywhere with a comprehensive range of cutting edge products year after year, ensuring Outback® products remain amongst the best and most reliable in the marketplace.

As an innovative supplier we strive to respond to market demand quickly and efficiently in keeping with the reputation which Outback® has firmly established and greatly values. We are totally committed to bringing you the very best in safety and performance, backed up by our ISO9001 approval and various safety certificates from testing authorities worldwide, with all our gas ranges rigorously tested in accordance with the relevant safety standards.

Since its first products were developed in 1997, Outback® has firmly established itself across five continents and is widely accepted for its premium quality and excellent value for money. A dedicated team, we remain fully committed to excellence, innovation, partnership, and a drive to constantly deliver new and better products as the ever changing market demands.

We are very proud of what Outback® has achieved to date, and even more excited about our future. Should you require any further information on what Outback® can do in partnership with your company, please use the support menu and get in touch with us today!