Excel Onyx

Excel OnyxThe beautiful Excel simply oozes class with its stylish modern look and a striking black finish. The Excel Onyx offers improved features including a 13kg gas bottle holder, side burner, heat indicator and rubber tyre wheels.  Wheel out and put away without having to carry, connect or disconnect the gas bottle.

A dual burner provides independently controlled heat zones and each side is lit by piezo ignition. Its porcelain enamelled cooking grill and warming rack helps prevent food sticking while cooking and is easier to clean.  Its side burner provides a hob for boiling rice/pasta, heating sauce and so on.

The Excel Onyx now features a stainless steel flame tamer.  This provides better heat distribution than lava rock, protects the burner and vaporises food juice drippings during cooking to produce that unique barbecue flavour. Excess fat drippings collect below in its grease cup, which can easily lift out for cleaning.

Its hood and body are pre-assembled to reduce assembly time and its one-piece hood reduces heat loss. The embedded heat indicator helps keep a control on the cooking temperature.

The right side shelf is collapsible for compact storage and has an integrated handle for moving the barbecue about.  A lower base shelf provides extra storage space and there is a bottle opener bottle near the right side shelf for convenience.

Product Features

Excel Onyx hood

One piece hood with recessed heat indicator.

Excel Onyx Flame Tamer

Stainless steel flame tamer.

Excel Onyx Control Panel

Dual burner with piezo ignition.

Excel Onyx Side Burner

Side burner for extra cooking space.

Excel Onyx Base Shelf

Base shelf for extra storage.

Excel grease cup

Grease cup – No need for sand or liners.

Excel Onyx bottle holder

Gas cylinder holder – No need to disconnect the bottle when moving the barbecue.

Specifications Excel 310
Cooking Area 500 x 360mm
Aluminised Dual Control Burner
One Piece Painted Hood
Heat Indicator in °C and °F
Factory Assembled Hood and Body
Porcelain Enamelled Grill 495 x 350mm
Porcelain Enamelled Warming Rack
Side Shelves 1
Side Burner (2.3kW)
Plastic Base Shelf
Grease Cup
Rubber Tyre Wheels
Stainless Steel Flame Tamer
Gas Bottle Holder
Piezo Push Button Ignition
Heat Input 6.2kW
EN 1763-1 gas barbecue hose
Approx. assembled dimensions (LxWxH) 120 x 57 x 103 cm

Optional Extras: Outdoor Cover