Dreamer Gas

Dreamer 4 burnerThe Dreamer range has two models – A 3 burner with two side shelves and a 4 burner plus a recessed side burner. Under the hood, it features porcelain enamelled cast iron cooking grills across its full cooking surface. A porcelain enamelled warming rack provides extra cooking space.  These procelain coated surfaces are less prone to food sticking and are easier to clean after use.

The side burner on the 4 burner provides a cooking hob for heating sauce or a kettle. Being recessed, this doubles up as a side shelf with its lid folded down. The barbecue also has a base shelf which can be accessed from either side.

Heat is provided by four independently controlled burners, covered by individual porcelain enamelled flame tamers. Food juice drippings produced during cooking fall on to the hot flame tamers below and vaporise to baste food with that unique smoky flavour.

Dreamer 3 Burner

Dreamer 3 Burner

An optional cooking griddle is available for cooking vegetables, fish and other food that otherwise would fall through its cooking grills. By cooking this food on the barbecue allows it to pick up the smoky aroma produced from the food cooking over the grill area.

Each burner has integra-spark ignition, which lights the burner as the control knob is turned on. The barbecue hood has an inner layer to hold the heat in and has a heat indicator for controlled cooking.

Grease is collected by its grease cup, which does away with the need for lining its drip tray or adding sand.

Product Features

Cooking surface

Porcelain enamelled cooking surface.

Warming rack

Porcelain enamelled warming rack.

Drifter flame tamers

Porcelain enamelled flame tamers vaporise food juice drippings to produce a smoky barbecue flavour.

Drifter burner

Stainless steel burners.

Drifter heat indicator

Heat indicator in °C and °F.

Side burner

Side burner on 4B model.

Specifications Dreamer 3B Dreamer 4B
Cooking Area 625 x 434mm 625 x 434mm
Stainless Steel Burners 3 4
Black Sandy Painted Hood
Hood with Silver Grey Painted End Caps
Silver Grey Painted Control Panel
Silver Grey Painted Legs / Cabinet
Porcelain Enamelled Firebox
Porcelain Enamelled Cast Iron Grills 316 x 430mm 316 x 430mm
Cooking Grills Finish Matt Matt
Porcelain Enamelled Flame Tamers 3 4
Heat Indicator
Warming Rack Finish Enamel Enamel
Ignition type Integra-spark Integra-spark
Drip Tray with Grease Cup
Metal Screen
Fixed Side Shelves 2 1
3.2kW Side Burner
Base Shelf
Factory Assembled Hood and Body
Plastic Wheels with Covers 2 2
Heat Input 10.5 kW 14 kW
Gas Barbecue Hose Included
Approx. assembled dimensions (LxWxH cm) 135 x 60 x 116 135 x 60 x 116