Meteor Patio Heater

Meteor Patio HeaterBuilt of stainless steel with a striking bold red epoxy coating, this heater is designed to withstand the weather for years of service. With up to 13kW (44,000 BTU) of omni-directional heat output, this heater outputs ample heat to cover many guests around the heater. No need to squeeze everyone to one side.

Its height adjustable table caters for different seating heights and its base safely houses the gas bottle. Electronic ignition simplifies the lighting process and its heat output can be varied between 5kW and 13kW to achieve the right heat intensity. Continue reading

Jupiter Patio Heater

With up to 13kW (44,000 BTU) heat output, this heater provides ample heat to counter the evening time chill. Being omni-directional, guests will feel warm seated all around the heater. No need to have everyone huddled to one side.

Its stainless steel housing looks great in the garden, while beng resilient to rust and corrossion for years of service. Lighting is straight forward thanks to electronic ignition. Its heat output can be varied between 5kW to 13kW to offer the right balance between heat intensity and runtime. Continue reading