Zoom Gas

Zoom 3BThe affordable Zoom range comes in a choice of three sizes, all with the option of front panels or cabinet doors.  Each model provides two side shelves and a base shelf for ample storage and two wheels with covers for manoeuvrability.

Its cooking surfaces consist of porcelain enamelled wire grills and a porcelain enamelled warming rack for extra cooking space.  This porcelain enamelling is non-stick, corrosion resistant and easier to clean.

Each control knob has integra-spark ignition, which ignites the burner while turning on the control knob.  A flame tamer sits above each burner to evenly distribute the heat.  These also vaporise food juice drippings to baste food with that unique smoky barbecue flavour.

4 Burner model

4 Burner model

Its hood is double-layered, which improves heat retention and protects the outer surface from the intense heat.  A heat indicator helps keep a watch on the cooking temperature.

Excess grease drips in a grease collection cup.  This makes the drip tray less prone to fat fires and it does not require sand.

Product Features

Hood open with food

Porcelain enamelled cooking surfaces and warming rack.

Zoom heat indicator

Zoom heat indicator in °C and °F.

Integra-spark ignition

Integra-spark rotary ignition.

Zoom drip cup

Grease collection cup, no need for foil or sand in the drip tray.

Wheels with branded cover

Branded wheel covers.

Zoom cabinet doors

Cabinet door option.

Specifications Zoom 2B Zoom 3B Zoom 4B
Cooking area 460 x 420mm 570 x 420mm 680 x 420mm
Stainless Steel Burners 2 3 4
High Temp Powder Coated Double Layer Hood
Grey Powder Coated Hood End Caps
Black Powder Coated Body
Porcelain Enamelled Wire Grills 230 x 415mm x2 280 x 415mm x2 225 x 415mm x3
Grease Collection Cup
Heat Indicator
Porcelain Enamelled Flame Tamers 2 3 4
Porcelain Enamelled Warming Rack
Fixed Powder Coated Steel Side Shelves 2 2 2
Powder Coated Steel Front Panels
Cabinet doors (in place of panels) Option Option Option
Integra Spark Rotary Ignition
Wheel Covers
Heat Input 7.0 kW 10.5 kW 14.0 kW
BS EN16436 Rubber Gas Barbecue Hose
Approx. assembled dimensions (LxWxH cm) 120 x 59 x 113 131 x 59 x 113 143 x 62 x 108