Charcoal Wagon

Charcoal Wagon

New for 2020, the Wagon brings the versality and features of gas barbecues to charcoal grilling, such as adjustable heat levels, a hinged hood, warming rack and storage shelves.

Its front-right handle raises or lowers the charcoal height, giving direct control over the heat like the control knob of a gas barbecue.  Both the hood and body have two vents, providing additional control over the cooking temperature on each side.

The front door provides direct access to the charcoal for easy topping up or stoking. No need to move food or remove the cooking grills. 

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Trolley Kettle Charcoal

Trolley KettleTrolley Kettle offers the cooking experience of a traditional kettle barbecue, surrounded with two large side shelves and a large solid base shelf.  No need for a separate table or trolley to hold items while cooking.

The Luxury Kettle has a deep bowl to improve heat distribution, ideal for roasting thick joints of meat.  This model also has a hood heat indicator to monitor the internal cooking temperature. Continue reading

Dreamer Gas

Dreamer 4 burnerThe Dreamer range has two models – A 3 burner with two side shelves and a 4 burner plus a recessed side burner. Under the hood, it features porcelain enamelled cast iron cooking grills across its full cooking surface. A porcelain enamelled warming rack provides extra cooking space.  These procelain coated surfaces are less prone to food sticking and are easier to clean after use.

The side burner on the 4 burner provides a cooking hob for heating sauce or a kettle. Being recessed, this doubles up as a side shelf with its lid folded down. The barbecue also has a base shelf which can be accessed from either side. Continue reading

Diner Gas

Diner 3BDiner is a 3 burner barbecue built upon the popular Drifter series.  Its hood has an inner layer and die cast aluminium end caps to improve heat retention.  A centre mounted heat indicator helps keep an eye on the cooking temperature.

Its cooking surface consists of porcelain enamelled cast iron grills across the full cooking area.  This porcelain enamel coating is non-stick and easier to cleanr.  A porcelain enamelled warming rack provides additional cooking space. Continue reading

Drifter Gas

Drifter 3BThe all new Drifter has been redesigned offering various improvements for the 2020 range, including a porcelain enamelled hood, stainless steel control panel and additional casters.

Its porcelain enamelled hood which features an inner layer and die cast aluminium ends improves heat retention for more even roasting.  Its heat indicator helps keep control of the cooking temperature. Continue reading

Halo Gas

Halo 3BHalo is a sleek and sturdy barbecue design with curved side shelves, a solid metal front panel and a stainless steel hood handle.

Its cooking surface consists of durable cast iron cooking grills and a stainless steel warming rack for extra cooking space.  Two side shelves and a large base shelf provide ample storage space. Continue reading

Bravo Gas

Bravo 3B Stainless SteelBravo is a recent addition to our range featuring a compact elegant and stylish cabinet design with stainless steel handles, shelf trims and control panel.  The striking stainless steel Bravo model includes a stainless steel double layer hood and stainless steel cabinet doors.

Its double layer hood improves heat retention and protects the outer surface from high cooking temperatures.  A centre mounted heat indicator helps keep control of the cooking temperature. Continue reading