Charcoal Kettle 37cm

Charcoal Kettle 37cmA lightweight portable barbecue, ideal for road trips.  The hood securely attaches to the bowl with three silicone tipped grips, preventing it falling off during transport.

Like a full-size kettle, this includes a roasting hood with vent and a porcelain enamelled pan to hold the charcoal. Most other portable barbecues have no roasting hood or ventilation controls.

Its roasting hood and body vents are adjustable to control the burn rate, temperature and cooking evenness.  Open barbecues such disposables are more prone to flare-ups, particularly with breezy weather due to having no control over the air flow. Continue reading

Charcoal Kettle 46cm / 56cm

Charcoal Kettle 56cm Charcoal Kettle 46cmThese larger charcoal Kettles come in a choice of a 46cm and 56 model, both with similar features including a high roasting hood and a large capacity detachable ash collector.

Its chrome cooking grill has a hinged section for direct access to the charcoal.  No need to remove the grill or food when topping up or stoking the charcoal. Continue reading

Charcoal Barrel

Charcoal Barrel (Large)Our charcoal barrel range comes in a choice of three sizes, with the small and medium sizes providing an equivalent cooking area to the 46cm and 56cm Kettles.  The large model provides a massive cooking area, equivalent to two 46cm kettles.

Each barrel includes a swing away warming rack for additional cooking space, a side shelf as well as a base wire rack for storage.  The large model has a large shelf along the front of the barbecue for ease of use. Continue reading

Power Grill

PowerGrill StylePowerGrill OrbitPower Grill is a quick, clean and easy to use barbecue.  It is easy to assemble and runs off a standard household power socket, no need for gas or charcoal.

With no burning fuel to produce carbon monoxide, this can safely operate indoors.  Its IPX4 rated power cord makes it also suitable for outdoor cooking, including on apartment block balconies that prohibit charcoal and gas barbecue cooking.  Its upper body and lid are detachable for table top cooking. Continue reading

X-Grill from Outback

X Grill SignatureNext generation of aluminium grills, combining performance, flexibility and style. X-Grill is available in three styles, Chef, Master and Signature. The Chef has slatted front panels, the Master has a texilene front panel and the Signature has wood pattern effect front panels.

All three models feature a die cast aluminium hood and body, which are rust proof and offer excellent heat retention. A large centre mounted hood heat indicator helps keep a control of the cooking temperature. Continue reading

Zoom Gas

Zoom 3BThe affordable Zoom range comes in a choice of three sizes, all with the option of front panels or cabinet doors.  Each model provides two side shelves and a base shelf for ample storage and two wheels with covers for manoeuvrability.

Its cooking surfaces consist of porcelain enamelled wire grills and a porcelain enamelled warming rack for extra cooking space.  This porcelain enamelling is non-stick, corrosion resistant and easier to clean. Continue reading

Go Cook Portable Gas

Go Cook BarbecueGo Cook provides the features and convenience of a premium full size 2 burner gas barbecue in a portable that one can easily transport in a car or camper.

Porcelain enamelled cast iron cooking grills cover the cooking area.  These are non-stick and easier to clean than the chrome grills common in portables. Continue reading

Bermuda Gas

Bermuda 3B (Red)Elegant and contemporary barbecues, with colour and cabinet options. Bermuda comes in two sizes, each with the choice of front panels or a storage cabinet. All include a base shelf, accessible from the sides of the front panel model.

The left side shelf has a condiment rack for convenience. The side burner in the right shelf is recessed, doubling as a second shelf with its lid closed. Continue reading