Charcoal Kettle 46cm / 56cm

Charcoal Kettle 56cm Charcoal Kettle 46cmThese larger charcoal Kettles come in a choice of a 46cm and 56 model, both with similar features including a high roasting hood and a large capacity detachable ash collector.

Its chrome cooking grill has a hinged section for direct access to the charcoal.  No need to remove the grill or food when topping up or stoking the charcoal.

Both the hood and body are porcelain enamelled, capable of withstanding high cooking temperatures without discolouring, burning or peeling.

There is an adjustable air vent on the hood as well as the base.  In addition to a large heat indicator read-out and a silicone grip on the hood vent, these provide greater control over the charcoal burn rate and keep the cooking temperature under control.

Its base section consists of three stainless steel legs, a wire rack base shelf for storage and two wheels for manoeuvrability.

Product Features

Two colour-tone handle

Two colour-tone handle on hood and body.

Large heat indicator

Large easy to read heat indicator.

Cooking grill

Chrome cooking grill with hinged charcoal access.

Ash Collector

Large capacity ash collector.

Base shelf

Wire base rack for storage.

Kettle wheel

Branded wheel covers.

Specifications Charcoal Kettle 46cm Charcoal Kettle 56cm
Cooking area ø435mm ø530mm
Porcelain enamelled hood and bowl
Stainless steel adjustable air vent with silicone lever
Bakelite / Polypropylene hood handle
Large heat indicator
Chrome cooking grill ø435mm ø530mm
Chrome charcoal grid
Easy to operate air venting system
Large capacity powder coated ash collector
Stainless steel tube legs with wire base rack
Wheels with covers 2 2
Colour tone bowl handles 2 2
Approx. assembled dimensions (LxWxH) 54.5 x 53.5 x 94 cm 65 x 60 x 108 cm