Dual Fuel Charcoal + Gas 2 Burner

Dual Fuel Charcoal + Gas 2BThe Dual Fuel offers all the cooking features of gas and charcoal with independent cooking areas for each fuel.  This also allows food to be cooked at different temperatures, such as char-grilling steak over intense charcoal heat while slowly roasting a joint of meat over the gas section on low.

For gas cooking, this section features porcelain enamelled cast iron grills.  Above each burner sits a flame tamer that vaporises food juice drippings during cooking.  The resulting smoke imparts that unique smoky flavour.

The charcoal section has an adjustable air vent and a height adjustable charcoal basket for heat control.  The front panel has a charcoal storage container for convenience.  Its cooking surface consists of porcelain enamelled cooking grills.

Both the gas and charcoal sections have independent heat indicators for simultaneously roasting or grilling at different cooking temperatures.  All cooking surfaces are porcelain enamelled for non-stick cooking and easier clean up.

Each hood is double layered to improve heat retention and protect the outer surface from high cooking temperatures.  Each section has its own warming rack for additional cooking space.

The trolley has two rubber wheels and two casters with brakes for improved manoeuvrability.  No need to lift the barbecue when moving it.

Product Features

Adjustable charcoal basket

Adjustable charcoal basket height.

Combi charcoal section

Porcelain enamelled cooking surfaces.

Hood air vent

Adjustable air vents for heat control.

Combi warming racks

Warming racks for extra cooking space.

Specifications – Dual Fuel Charcoal Section Gas 2B Section
Cooking area 480 x 420mm 480 x 420mm
Stainless Steel Burners 2
Double Layer Hood with Black Sandy Finish End Caps
Black Finish Body
Silver Finish Control Panels
Porcelain Enamelled Grills 240 x 420mm x2
Porcelain Enamelled Cast Iron Grills 240 x 420mm x2
Heat Indicator
Porcelain Enamelled Warming Rack
Easy clean ash / drip tray
Stainless Steel Flame Tamers 2
Fixed Side Shelves
Bottle Opener
Fold out drawer for storing charcoal
Piezo Ignition For Gas Burner Ignition
Factory Assembled Hood and Body
Rubber Wheels with Covers 2
Casters with Brake 2
Heat Input Charcoal 8.64 kW
BS3212 black rubber gas barbecue hose
Approx. assembled dimensions (LxWxH cm) 154 x 72 x 120