Magnum 3 Burner Gas & Charcoal

Magnum 3BSince its introduction to the 2017 range, this newly designed Magnum has been a major success, a complete nationwide sell-out in the UK market in 2018.  It supersedes the Spectrum with many improvements – A larger roasting hood, side burner, grills covering the full cooking surface, ergonomic control knobs and a larger easy to read heat indicator.  New for 2020, the Magnum includes a charcoal basket and multi-cooking surface.

Its porcelain enamelled cast iron cooking surface features a 30cm diameter interchangeable grill. Insert a pizza plate and the barbecue functions as a pizza oven. Slot in a griddle to cook delicate food such as vegetables and fish.  Use a wok to stir fry food directly on the barbecue.

Its side burner provides a hob such as for heating a kettle, a saucepan or boiling rice and its right side shelf has a tool rack for cleanly holding tools.  Its side burner is recessed, which doubles as a second side shelf with its cover down.

The large roasting hood features an aluminised inner layer, improving heat retention and delivers more even cooking. At its centre is an enlarged recessed easy to read heat indicator in °C and °F.  Under the hood is a porcelain enamelled warming rack for additional cooking space.

Its improved ergonomic control knobs all feature intra-spark ignition. This provides a spark to light the burner as the knob is being turned on, allowing the burner to be lit with a single hand. Its standard cooking surface consists of porcelain enamelled cast iron grills covering the complete cooking area.

Below the grill area is a set of stainless steel flame tamers, one per burner.  When cooking on gas, these improve heat distribution and protect the burners from clogging and corrosion.  These hot flame tamers vaporise the food juice drippings produced while cooking to baste food with that smoky flavour.

For charcoal cooking, simply swap the flame tamers with the included charcoal basket and add a layer of Outback’s exclusive charcoal briquettes.  Light the gas burners for 15 minutes until the charcoal is ashed over.  Switch off the gas and the barbecue is ready to cook with that distinctive charcoal flavour.

Its base is solid metal and one piece, so items can be placed on it and its right leg has a bottle opener for conveniently opening beer bottles. The trolley has 4 wide metal legs for stability and its side shelves are made of solid plastic.  Rubber tyre wheels provide smooth manoeuvrability and each wheel has a branded wheel cover to improve its appearance.

Product Features

Magnum open hood

Large double layer roasting hood for heat retention.

Multi cooking surface

Porcelain enamelled cooking surfaces with interchangeable grill.

Charcoal basket

Charcoal basket for cooking on charcoal.

Magnum side burner

Side burner for cooking pasta/rice, heating sauce, etc.

Heat indicator

Large heat indicator in °C and °F.

Magnum bottle opener

Bottle opener.

Magnum 3B Wheel

Rubber tyre wheels for improved manoeuvrability.

Magnum canvas screen.

Removable canvas front screen.

4 in 1 barbecue

Interchangeable Grill

Grill with included porcelain enamelled cast iron grill.

Porcelain enamelled cast iron griddle

Griddle with porcelain enamelled cast iron griddle accessory.

Pizza stone

Pizza oven with ceramic pizza stone accessory.

Optional wok

Wok cooking with steel wok accessory.

Specifications Ranger 3
Magnum 3
Cooking Area 640 x 420mm 640 x 420mm
Stainless Steel Burners 3 3
Large Roasting Hood with Aluminised Steel Inner Skin
Black Aluminium Die Cast Aluminium Hood End Caps
Black Painted Body
Porcelain Enamelled Cast Iron Grills 320 x 420mm x2 320 x 420mm x2
Interchangeable Porcelain Enamelled Cast Iron Grill Ø300mm Ø300mm
Easy Clean Drip Tray
Large Heat Indicator in °C and °F
Stainless Steel Flame Tamers (for gas cooking) 3 3
Charcoal basket (for charcoal cooking)
Porcelain Enamelled Warming Rack
Recessed side Burner Shelf 2.68kW 2.68kW
Side Shelves 1 fixed 1 fixed
Metal Base Shelf
Tool Rack
Bottle Opener
Front Canvas Screen Green Black
Integra Spark Rotary Ignition
Factory Assembled Hood and Body
Rubber Tyre Wheels & Wheel Covers
Heat Input 12.96 kW 12.96 kW
BS3212 black rubber gas barbecue hose
Approx. assembled dimensions (LxWxH cm) 138x61x112 149x62x112

Optional accessories: Ceramic Pizza Stone, Porcelain Enamelled Cast Iron Reversible Griddle, Steel Wok and Outdoor Cover.