Jupiter Stainless Steel 6 Burner

Jupiter Stainless Steel 6 BurnerThis 6 burner model features an impressive 780 x 420 mm cooking area, capable of cooking for a large gathering.Ā  As with the 4 burner model, this features an infrared side sear burner. Use this burner to seal in meat flavours and give a ‘char-grilled’ criss-cross effect. Like the Jupiter 4 burner models, the cooking grill has an interchangeable grill section to function as a barbecue, pizza oven, hotplate and wok cooking. These interchangeable porcelain enamelled cast iron grill, griddle and pizza stone accessories are included in the 2019 range.

A heavy duty 3.7kg cast iron wok is also available for stir-frying on the barbecue. By cooking food on the griddle, baking a pizza or stir-frying on the barbecue, this food will pick up the unique smoky aroma from of the food barbecuing over the grill sections.

Its stainless steel control panel has a bottle opener for conveniently opening capped bottles and tool hooks to hold utensils cleanly. Its large roasting hood has an aluminised steel inner skin for improved retention and a recessed easy to read heat indicator. A side burner provides a hob for heating a saucepan or kettle

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