Kettle Charcoal

Comet Kettle (Red)Comet Kettle (Black)A new design introduced in 2017 and improved for the 2019 range, the Kettle Charcoal is the latest in the top-selling Outback charcoal barbecue range. Its deep bowl is the perfect shape to provide that full, smoky chargrilled flavour and its 53.5cm diameter cooking area is large enough to cater for a family with friends over.

Features include a heat indicator for controlled cooking, a porcelain enamelled hood and wheels to easily move about. Its chrome cooking grill has a section that lifts out for charcoal top-up, therefore no need to lift out the whole cooking grill.

Both the ash collector and hood have adjustable air vents to control the cooking temperature.  Its large capacity ash collector lifts off for easy clean-up.

Both the porcelain enamelled hood and body are designed to withstand the heat given off by charcoal and in turn prevents discolouring or blistering under high temperature.

Other features include an improved wire base for stability, a side body handle and two wheels with branded covers to easily move about. The Kettle series comes in a choice of black and red.

Product Features

Comet Kettle Hood

Porcelain enamelled hood & body.

Comet Kettle Hood Hook

Hood hook for convenience.

Heat indicator

Heat indicator in °C and °F

Charcoal kettle ash collector

Easy clean large capacity ash collector

Comet Kettle Shelf

Improved wire base shelf.

Comet Kettle Grill

Removable centre grill to top-up charcoal.

Specifications Kettle Charcoal
Cooking area ø535mm
Porcelain enamelled hood with adjustable air vent
Heat indicator in °C and °F
Powercelain enamelled bowl
Chrome grill (ø570mm) with charcoal access
Heavy duty charcoal grid
Easy to operate air venting system
Large capacity porcelain enamelled ash collector
Rubber tyre wheels with wheel covers
Wire base for extra stability
Hood and bowl handles
Plastic wheels with covers 2
Approx. assembled dimensions (LxWxH) 66 x 65 x 111 cm