Jupiter 4 Burner

Jupiter 4 BurnerJupiter is now our premium model featuring an interchangeable grill section to function as a barbecue, pizza oven, hotplate and wok cooking.  The 2019 range includes the interchangeable porcelain enamelled grill, griddle and pizza stone accessories.

A heavy duty 3.7kg cast iron wok is also available for stir-frying on the barbecue.  By cooking food on the griddle, baking a pizza or stir-frying on the barbecue, this food will pick up the unique smoky aroma from of the food barbecuing over the grill sections.

This striking red model features a stainless steel control panel with a bottle opener for conveniently opening capped bottles.  Its large roasting hood has an aluminised steel inner skin for improved retention and a recessed easy to read heat indicator.  A side burner provides a hob for heating a saucepan or kettle

Its hood has an inner aluminised steel layer for improved heat retention and distribution.  The larger improved recessed heat indicator provides a clear read-out of the temperature in °C and °F.

Below the cooking surface, the individually control burners heat up the stainless steel flame tamers, which in turn vaporise the food juice drippings produced during cooking to provide that unique smoky barbecue flavour.

With the included pizza plate, the barbecue can be used as a pizza oven. With the included griddle, delicate food such as vegetables and fish can be cooked and its optional wok allows the user to stir fry food directly on the barbecue. By cooking inside the barbecue, the food in turn picks up the smoky aroma of the food barbecuing over the grill section.

Inside its double door cabinet is a storage tray such as for storing its optionally available cookware. 4 castors below the cabinet allow the barbecue to be easily positioned and two have a lock to securely hold the barbecue in place.

Its stainless steel control panel has a bottle opener for conveniently opening beer bottles. Its side burner provides a hob for heating a saucepan or kettle and its right side shelf has a tool rack to hold tools cleanly and conveniently whilst cooking.

Jupiter 4 in 1 barbecue

Interchangeable Grill

Grill with included porcelain enamelled grill.

Porcelain enamelled cast iron griddle

Griddle with included porcelain enamelled griddle.

Pizza stone

Pizza oven with included pizza stone.

Optional wok

Wok cooking with optional 3.7kg cast iron wok.

Product Features

Jupiter hood open

Large roasting hood with inner skin for heat retention.

Control knobs

Improved control knobs with rotary ignition.

Jupiter Storage Tray

Interior accessory holder.

Bottle opener

Bottle opener on right side shelf.

Specifications Jupiter (Red model)
4 Burner
Jupiter Stainless
Steel 4 Burner
Jupiter Stainless
Steel 6 Burner
Cooking Area 640 x 420mm 640 x 420mm 780 x 420mm
Stainless Steel Burners 4 4 6
Roasting Hood Finish Red Painted Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Roasting Hood with Aluminised Steel Inner Skin
Black Sandy Painted Aluminium Die Cast End Caps
Porcelain Enamelled Body
Stainless Steel Control Panel
Porcelain Enamelled Cooking Grill (300mm interchangeable circle) 385 x 415mm 385 x 415mm 385 x 415mm
Porcelain Enamelled Cooking Grill 235 x 415mm 235 x 415mm 385 x 415mm
Porcelain Enamelled Cooking Griddle Ø300mm Ø300mm Ø300mm
Pizza stone Ø300mm Ø300mm Ø300mm
Heat Indicator in °C and °F
Porcelain Enamelled Warming Rack
Easy Clean Drip Tray
Stainless Steel Flame tamers 4 4 6
Side Shelves 1 1 1
Side Burner 2.94 kW
Infrared Side Sear Burner 4.5kW 4.5kW
Bottle Opener
Integra Spark Ignition
Factory Assembled Hood and Body
4 castor wheels (two with lock)
Heat Input (Main burners) 12.96 kW 12.96 kW 19.44 kW
EN 1763-1 gas barbecue hose
Approx. assembled dimensions (LxWxH cm) 140 x 61 x 122 140 x 59 x 122 154 x 59 x 122

Optional accessories: 3.7kg Cast Iron Wok and Outdoor Cover.