Meteor Stainless Steel 6 Burner

Meteor 6 Burner Stainless SteelIdeal for large gatherings and parties, the Meteor Stainless Steel 6 burner has a large porcelain enamelled cast iron grill and griddle heated by 6 individually controlled durable cast iron burners.

Its ceramic sear side burner provides high intensity infra-red heat to seal steaks with a “char-grilled” effect.  Once sealed, the steak is then placed on the main burners to cook to the required doneness.

The griddle section provides a solid plate for cooking delicate food such as vegetables, fish and thin cuts of meat, while still picking up the smoky flavour produced by food cooking over the grill section.

A large porcelain enamelled warming rack provides extra cooking space.  The improved porcelain coating is non-stick and easier to clean.

Below the grill section is a layer of lava rock that vaporises food juices produced during cooking to baste food with that unique smoky barbecue flavour.

Its two tier drip tray consists of an upper layer which channels excess grease into the lower small easy to clean drip tray.  This eliminates the need for sand and is less prone to fat fires.

Concealed castors provide manoeuvrability and lock to hold the barbecue in place.  Its storage cabinet has two stainless steel doors and the base section is surrounded by a solid black skirt.

Product Features

Meteor Warming Rack

Warming rack for extra cooking space.

Meteor Sear burner

Sear burner to seal meat with that ‘char-grilled’ effect.

Meteor cooking surface

Porcelain enamelled cooking surface.

Meteor Stainless heat indicator

Heat indicator in °C and °F.

Meteor Stainless ignition & control knob

Soft touch control knobs and electric ignition for easy lighting.

Cast iron burner

Cast iron burners for durability.

Lava rock in basket

Lava rock in basket to produce that smoky flavour.

Specifications Meteor 4 Burner
Stainless Steel
Meteor 6 Burner
Stainless Steel
Cooking Area 640 x 420mm 780 x 420mm
Cast Iron Burners 4 6
Stainless Steel Hood with
Aluminised Steel Inner Skin
Porcelain Enamelled Body
Porcelain Enamelled Cast Iron Grill 320 x 420mm 390 x 420mm
Porcelain Enamelled Cast Iron Griddle 320 x 420mm 390 x 420mm
Heat Indicator
Porcelain Enamelled Warming Rack
Easy Clean Drip Tray
Lava Rock
Side Shelf
Ceramic Sear Side Burner (4.5kW)
Electronic Ignition
Factory Assembled Hood and Body
Castor wheels 4 4
Heat Input ? kW ? kW
EN 1763-1 gas barbecue hose
Approx. assembled dimensions (LxWxH) 140 x 61 x 118 cm 154 x 60 x 118 cm