Kettle Charcoal

Charcoal Kettle (Black)Improved for the 2020 range, the Kettle Charcoal is the latest in the top-selling Outback charcoal barbecue range. Its deep bowl is the perfect shape to provide that full, smoky chargrilled flavour and its 54cm diameter cooking area is large enough to cater for a family with friends over.

Its chrome multi-cooking surface features an interchangeable grill to fit an optional pizza stone, griddle or wok.  Other features include a heat indicator for controlled cooking, a porcelain enamelled hood and wheels to easily move about. The interchangeable grill lifts out for charcoal top-up, therefore no need to lift out the whole cooking grill. Continue reading

Aussie Walk-A-Bout Charcoal

Aussie Walk-A-Bout (Green)Supplied 100% fully pre-assembled, the Aussie Walk-A-Bout takes all the hassle out of getting a Charcoal barbecue – Just unpack and it’s ready to use. Ideal for those who wish to control the cooking temperature, smoke food with the hood closed and cook for a large family.

Its large 2142cm² cooking area can cater for a large family with 3 times more cooking area than a large 12″ (30cm) frying pan. Adjustable hood and bowl vents and cooking grill height provide heat control and its ash tray lifts out for easy clean-up after use.

Its roasting hood is attached with a sturdy hinge for ease of use and has a catch to keep it closed during transport or while in storage. Two wheels and a bowl handle provide easy manoeuvrability and it base folds to reduce storage space. Continue reading

Kamado Charcoal

Kamado 21" in red

Kamado 21″ in red

The Kamado Charcoal barbecue takes charcoal cooking to a whole new level with several advantages over kettle barbecues. Its thick ceramic body and hood retains the heat, allowing it to build temperatures of up to 800F/430C for searing or cooking a 2-3 minute pizza with its optional ceramic pizza stone.

Heat is distributed evenly all around, cooking meat such as chicken or a joint of meat without turning or getting burnt on one side. With its adjustable intake and hood vents, its temperature can be controlled from smoking to grilling to searing. Its thermometer gives a guide of when its ready to smoke, grill or sear.
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Kamado MiniMax Charcoal

Kamado MiniMaxWhile the Kamado MiniMax appears small, it has the same thick ceramic body as its larger cousin, capable of producing intense searing heat and retaining the heat, providing consistent cooking all around.  It has the same 325mm cooking area as the full size Kamado 16″.

It is capable of withstanding a temperature of up to 800F/430C, making it suitable for searing or cooking a 2-3 minute pizza to perfection with its optional ceramic pizza stone. Usually such cooking temperatures can only be achieved with a bulky Tuscan oven.
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