Go Cook Portable Gas

Go Cook BarbecueGo Cook provides the features and convenience of a premium full size 2 burner gas barbecue in a portable that one can easily transport in a car or camper.

Porcelain enamelled cast iron cooking grills cover the cooking area.  These are non-stick and easier to clean than the chrome grills common in portables. Continue reading

Charcoal Wagon

Charcoal Wagon

New for 2020, the Wagon brings the versality and features of gas barbecues to charcoal grilling, such as adjustable heat levels, a hinged hood, warming rack and storage shelves.

Its front-right handle raises or lowers the charcoal height, giving direct control over the heat like the control knob of a gas barbecue.  Both the hood and body have two vents, providing additional control over the cooking temperature on each side.

The front door provides direct access to the charcoal for easy topping up or stoking. No need to move food or remove the cooking grills. 

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Jupiter Stainless Steel Gas & Charcoal

Jupiter Stainless Steel 4BJupiter Stainless Steel is a premium multi-cook barbecue with a powerful infrared side sear burner.  Use this burner to seal in meat flavours with a ‘char-grilled’ criss-cross effect before placing on the main burners.   As with the red Jupiter, the Stainless Steel models also include a charcoal basket for cooking on charcoal.

All Jupiter models feature an interchangeable grill.  Insert a pizza plate and the barbecue functions as a pizza oven. Slot in a griddle to cook delicate food such as vegetables and fish.  Use a wok to stir fry food directly on the barbecue. Continue reading